Vicki Ghosthorse at Natural Way: Indigenous Voices

Vicki is an elder in the Ghosthorse family, who has been a leading force in bringing back many of the women's ceremonies. Of Scot/Irish, Black and Native American ancestry, Vicki has been on the Red Road, Lakota tradition, since 1985. Her nation is Sungleska Oyate of the Ghost Horse band. When she began her life with husband, Buck Ghosthorse, her Grandmother told her, -Before you are mother, wife, daughter, sister - first you are Woman. - Vicki will share her stories and wisdom about what she has come to understand as a human being, a woman, and a person of -mixed blood - committed to walking the Red Road. Powerful lessons came to Vicki as she transitioned out of mainline society, overcame spiritual abuse, and learned about generational memory. Through her teachings she has become a traditional singer, gatherer of natural medicines and root foods, and water pourer for women.